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Stay as if you were living on an island in the Seto Inland Sea.

Located on Omishima Island, in the middle of the Setouchi Shimanami Kaido, this accommodation with workspace is based on the concept of 'Work & Life'.
We have one old rental vacation house, HANARE, and an old private house HOSTEL, OMOYA.We also have a co-working space 'KOYA', a renovated mandarin hut, which guests are free to use.This is also available for drop-in use.

Our accommodation is on the side of the Shimanami Kaido on the cycling road.




A place to stay as if you were living on an island.OMISHIMA SPACE "OMOYA" is an old private house hostel with 6 bedrooms, a shared living room and kitchen and a spacious garden.The co-working space KOYA is located next building and can be used for workcations and training camps.


OMISHIMA SPACE "OMOYA" is a room rental style, with each room available for 1 to 2 persons.

Private room 1 Japanese-style room (capacity 1 person / single futon)
Private room 3 Western-style room (capacity for 2 persons/queen bed)
Private room 2 Japanese-style room (capacity 1 person / single futon)
Private room 4 Western-style room (capacity 1 person/ semi-double)
Private room 5 Western-style room (capacity for 2 persons/loft bed)


vacation house rental
The Omishima space is entirely self-service, including bedding and cooking.
A spacious private lawned garden and a whole old house are at your disposal for up to 8 people.

(※Cannot be booked due to ongoing refurbishment.)



Living and workspace

Bedroom (8 tatami mats)

Bedroom (6 tatami mats)

Not available

Coworking Space

 you can use it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    (※Guests only. Spot use until 6pm).
Also, you can ride Free rental of electric bicycles.



1F Working room shared desk (6 seats)
1F Terrace seating
1F Independent desk in working room (5 seats)
1F Loft
2F Working room (7 seats)
2F Meeting room
Wi-Fi (Averagge Speed 300mbps)
Office tables and chairs
Large monitors
Extension cords
Coffee machine

From Work life Balance to Work as Life

In spring 2016, we moved to Omishima and started living as teleworkers.
The natural environment, fresh and safe food, and the peaceful people made life here so rich and comfortable that we wanted to put down roots here.
On the other hand, I saw the depopulation of the area and began to worry that there would be no-one left in the village if things continued as they were.
It was at this time that I came across an empty house nearby and while thinking about how to utilise it, I created OMISHIMA SPACE in the hope that it would provide an opportunity for teleworkers to come to the area.
OMISHIMA SPACE is equipped not only as a base for cycling and sightseeing, but also as a development camp, a planning camp and a work location.

And thankfully, many people have come to use it.
When they wake up in the morning, they can think of ideas for their work while walking or fishing, work while listening to the birds, and work on their creativity while having a picnic for lunch.
At night, I relax with a meal of fresh vegetables and fish I caught while listening to the sound of insects.
Some people have expressed a desire to experience life on Omishima more leisurely, which is why OMOYA and KOYA will also open in summer 2021.
We invite you to experience the 'work as life' lifestyle, where work is a part of your life, from a life-work balance that separates work and private life.

(Owner Masuda)

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